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X-Wing Hyperspace Trial

Posted by GMIGames - March 29, 2019 - Fantasy Flight Games, Featured


Prepare for a jump to Hyperspace! Welcome, everyone to the Hyperspace Trial at GMI Games! We are looking forward to a large event, and everyone is welcome! Event info of all sort is below, and we will be updating and posting more info and pictures as the date gets closer, so please hit “Going” or “Interested” to follow along. We look forward to seeing many of you, and may the Force be with you!



• $25 per player entry fee if pre-registering ($30 on the day of).
• Hyperspace format.
• Registration/Sign-in begins at 9 am, and the first round begins at approximately 10:45 am.
• Please bring two printed or hand-written squadron sheets; one for the Marshal & Stream Team, one for your opponent to reference.
• 75 minute round length. Enforced 10 minute set-up timer. Six rounds in total, followed by a cut to Top 16 for Day 2.
• Between rounds 3 & 4 will be an hour-long lunch break. There are many restaurants within a 5-10 minute drive, and tickets for pizza and drinks can be purchased at any time up to the start of round 3.



• Marshal: Charles England
• Scorekeeper: Charles England (Est.)
• Floor Judges: Mitch Hurst (Day 1), TBA
• Store Representative: Catherine Walker
• Stream Team: Warlock Squadron, Mike Deegan, Gabe Hughes (Day 1), and Mitch Hurst (Day 2)



There is no player cap at the moment. Pre-registering will be done in pods to allow staff to keep organized and so we can order an appropriate amount of prize support and tabletops.


Players may pre-register for the event by visiting the following PayPal link (link TBA) or by visiting GMI Games during business hours Monday through Saturday. When you pre-register, please tell us if you are a member of a store or local team, so we can avoid pairing you against a teammate during round 1. Also, if you have and are using a Round 1 Bye Card, let us know this as well; make sure you bring the card with you on the day of the event so we can give you credit!


We will be using to register players, pair rounds, and track scores. This makes scorekeeping easy, and players can check their pairings and scores at any time from their phone or other data-enabled device. You also won’t have to fight through the crowds to see your matches! It is WONDERFULLY helpful if everyone who registers for the event also registers with (under your real name if possible, please) and submits their list before the event begins. You can find the link here when pre-registration officially opens: Thank you! —Staff


PLAYMATS: We will need a great many playmats! Every player is encouraged to bring a playmat; every player who brings one or more mats will receive a special promo card, even if their mats(s) is not used. Only official FFG mats will be accepted unless no other option exists.


Day 1 (6/8/2019) will occur at Rubidoux High School: 4250 Opal St, Riverside, CA 92509

Day 2 (6/9/2019) will occur at GMI Games: 8304 Limonite Ave Unit M, Riverside, CA 92509

PRIZING: 2019 Hyperspace Trial Kit


Warlock Squadron will be streaming this event. If you do not wish to be considered for streaming, please indicate this on your squadron sheet. Minors will not be considered for streaming without their parent/guardian’s express permission. Refusal to appear on stream will not affect your standings or prize eligibility in any way. Warlock Squadron does not record table audio, but please be aware of the chance that background sound may be present on the commentator’s track; participation in this event constitutes acknowledgement of and consent to this chance.

Players should familiarize themselves with the following documents:
• Rules Reference, Errata, & FAQ:
• Official Rulings Thread:
• Fundamental Event Document:
• X-wing Tournament Regulations:
• Unofficial FAQ: