Castle Panic: Crowns and Quests

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Castle Panic: Crowns and Quests adds new characters and quests to the world of Castle Panic.

Players can choose from a variety of playable characters, each with their own game-changing power that can be used on that player's turn. Players use these powers to attempt a series of quests that must be completed before the castle is destroyed. Quests can include retrieving magical items from spaces on the board, destroying a cursed temple, or teleporting the entire castle to safety, among other challenges — all while fighting off the monster army.

In more detail...
Crowns and Quests, the newest expansion to Castle Panic, adds 12 playable characters with unique abilities that allow players to join the royal court to defend the Castle. Each character is assigned to 1 of the 6 towers at the start of the game. If that tower is destroyed, the character is lost, and the player must continue without that ability.

Players will need those abilities too, since there are now quests that the players must try to survive to win the game. At the start of the game, players choose 1 Standard Quest and 1 Endgame Quest. Until both of those Quests are completed, the pile of Monsters will refill over and over.

Standard Quests include searching for magic scrolls, looking for a cure for a plague of madness, holding off magical stones that cause the Monsters to spawn closer and closer to the Castle, and much more. Once the Standard Quest is achieved, players move on to the Endgame Quest, which they either complete or perish trying. Endgame Quests feature challenges such as collapsing caves to stop the flow of Monsters, racing against time to destroy a cursed obelisk, and placing magical portals to teleport the entire Castle to safety. There are 11 Standard and 7 Endgame Quests to choose from, providing hours and hours of replay as players explore all the different challenges.

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