Compleation (Magic Minigame) [March of the Machine Minigame]

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Set: March of the Machine Minigame
Type: Card
Rarity: Common
Each Magic Minigame: Booster Blitz contains a random token from the set on the reverse.

• 2+ players • 1 pack • 10 min | Pen & Paper


Guess the name of the card before you succumb to poison.


One player, playing as the Praetor, opens a pack and removes any non- Magic cards. They secretly choose one card and put the rest face down. Using a pen and paper, they mark blank spaces for each letter in the name of the card, leaving extra space between words. Then, they choose one space out of each word to "Compleat," marking it with a [Phyrexian symbol].


The rest of the players work together to guess the card name. These players take turns guessing a single letter that might appear in the card name. If the guessed letter appears in the name, the Praetor fills in each space the guessed letter appears in.

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