Summoner Wars: Mountain Vargath: Faction Deck

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Bring the uncaring harshness of the mountain to the battlefield! General Sunderved and his army of goat-folk apply brute force to every problem, smashing, ramming, and shoving any who get in their way. Reshape the battlefield as you see fit, then dominate it with the Mountain Vargath!

Ready-to-play faction deck! Units can be used to deck-build the ultimate faction.



  • 1 Sunderved - Summoner
  • 1 Varn - Champion
  • 1 Quen - Champion
  • 1 Torodin - Champion
  • 5 Wolfsbane Brute - Common
  • 4 Glory Caller - Common
  • 4 Slagborn Fighter - Common
  • 5 Shale Slinger - Common
  • 2 Battle Leader - Standard Event
  • 2 Ramming Advance - Standard Event
  • 2 Marshal Forces - Standard Event
  • 2 Stronghold - Epic Event

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