Turbo Dork Paint: 4D Glasses

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4D Glasses was originally a limited edition color for LVO but it was so popular we had to bring it back on permanently. The name is play on 4D Glasses being similar in color to 3D Glasses, but even brighter and more saturated!

This pigment will appear white in the bottle but it is recommended that it be applied over black primer. You can layer it over other colors and it will get lighter the more layers you apply.

Turboshift paints are made with tiny glass-like flakes that work like millions of small prisms within the paint. Depending on how the flakes are made, different colors are refracted or reflected in the light. In layman's terms this means that the paint changes color depending on what light you are viewing it under, and what angle you are holding it to that light.

Formulated for airbrush use, but may also be hand brushed.

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